We come to you as humble people, without a lot of athletic skill. As a married couple, who wanted to get into biking, we were constantly defeated on our very expensive bikes! We just couldn't enjoy the ride or get into the habit of riding because it was so difficult for us. We ended up sore or stuck in a location unable to pedal back to our starting point. It was a disaster and we gave up on bicycling. 

We forgot why we wanted to cycle in the first place... There is so much fun about biking! We wanted to see the views, spend more time outside, use our cars less lowering our carbon footprint, ride around with our kids and have more family time, possibly get in shape, but.... we needed something that could sustain a moderate rate of exercise. 

Then came EBikes! EBikes are for everyone! EBikes take the stress out of cycling and bring back the joy! Ebikes can help you get from A-Z faster if you're a commuter, they make the overall ride much easier. We suggest EBikes for everyone! Now you don't have to strive! Just RELAX & RIDE! We offer the lowest prices on the best EBikes online, factory direct!