GreenBike Electric Motion

GreenBike Electric Motion by Relax and Ride Bikes |

Green Bike – Electric Motion is an Israeli brand established in 2005. They are experts in the field of electric bicycles, their parts, and development.

GreenBike Electric Motion along with Relax and Ride Bikes also boast excellent customer based service as their and our philosophy is to always give 110% to their valued customers.

Whether its in the development of excellent products at a fair price, or in our customer service – with GreenBike, there is no compromise.

All of GreenBike Electric Motion models are designed and manufactured with an emphasis on quality and reliability, according to our top of the line technical specifications.

They believe that it’s better to pay a little more for their quality products – than buy cheap and pay much more financially, physically, and emotionally later on.

GreenBike Electric Motion by Relax and Ride Bikes |

Every part and item on, or included with, GreenBike bicycles is diligently inspected by them AND by experts on their behalf in the factory they are being produced (with profound attention to detail).

All of GreenBike Electric Motion models bear European standard marks, Israeli standard marks and CPCS standard marks.

We want to make electric bicycles accessible for EVERYONE! Therefore, we offer a broad selection of electric bicycles, and a huge selection of spare parts, so anyone can find the right bike for them.

GreenBike Electric Motion offer access to their workshop, manned by skilled and professional personnel. The workshop exists first and foremost to service bicycles under warranty & for bicycles not under warranty and/or were not purchased from their company.