The Unrivaled E-Bike Gift Guide for the Holiday Season

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‘Tis the season for making your friends and loved ones feel merry and bright. If you have a cyclist in your life, chances are they’re either married to their spandex or they can be seen casually cruising around the neighborhood at any given time of day.  

Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, what better time to spread some holiday cheer than to help the cyclist in your life upgrade their gear. Maybe there’s someone in your life that has been yearning to be more active. 

If so:

An e-bike is a perfect gift to get their blood flowing, keep them healthy, and inject some fun into their daily routine. 

We’ve compiled a list of must-haves, including e-bikes and accessories, to show your loved ones how special they are this holiday season!


The Perfect E-Bike Gifts for The Holiday Season 

Stocking Stuffers: 

#1. Gloves

A quality pair of fingerless cycling gloves provide adequate gel padding to help dampen the chatter without your cyclist having to sacrifice their grip on the bar - which bikers love.  

#2. Handlebar Tape

This gift will add a touch of personality to your cyclist’s handlebar. There is a myriad of options available - from graphic bar tape to solid colors that add a vibrant, customized aesthetic to their bike.  

#3. Front or Rear Light

Want to keep your cyclist safe? A front or rear light is an effective way to help your loved one navigate the streets during the darker hours of the day.  

#4. Smartphone Holder

Feeling secure during a ride also means having your smartphone handy for directions or in case an emergency call needs to be made. A universal smartphone holder gives your cyclist the freedom and flexibility to view their phone from the front of their handlebars. 

Just remind them - don’t text and ride! 

#5. Outdoor Socks

Depending on where you’re located geographically, your cyclist may be biking in some frigid weather. Keep them cozy with a pair of wool socks. Wool is an ideal material as it’s very breathable and it’ll keep the rider’s toes moisture-free, warm, and cushioned as they get that adrenaline going. 

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Gifts You Can Wrap - Don’t Forget a Bow!

#1. Bike Rack 

Looking for an accessory that’s perfect for towing? A bike rack is ideal for hunting and camping as it offers an easy solution for carting equipment into the woods or towing an animal carcass to the car (does that mean you’re on the naughty list?).  

#2. Handlebar Bag 

Handlebars are an essential part of any bike - i.e. you don’t want to accidentally steer into the neighborhood pond. Spruce up your loved one’s bike by accessorizing it with a handlebar bag

This add on provides the rider with an easily accessible storage unit, where they can haul all the items needed for smooth sailing, like some snacks, a map, or their smartphone. Highly practical, the handlebar bag can accommodate your cyclists’ needs whether they’re running errands or setting out for a long bike ride.  

#3. Cargo Trailer

Got someone who loves sleeping under the stars or stalking through the woods to find their next prey? Cargo trailers are essential for any hunters or campers who need to store game meat or pack large items. 

Cargo carts are seamlessly designed to move with the bike, ensuring the rider has a safe journey.  

#4. Helmet

Whether you’re looking for style, something aerodynamic, or the safest option on the market, helmets come with a multitude of features and designs. There are even helmets available that include “docking ports” to safely secure sunglasses when the rider isn’t wearing them. 

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Electric Bikes That’ll Have Your Cyclist Singing Your Praises 


QuietKat 750w Ranger

For the cyclist that likes to hunt, this ride will allow them to cruise in and out of the woods undetected. If they need to haul a$* away from a bear, this is the bike for them (kidding - we’ll keep our fingers crossed that never happens).

With a 750w rear hub motor, this powerhouse can reach up to 19 MPH unassisted, and if you pedal, you can reach even higher speeds. 

Equipped with a mid-drive system, the QuietKat uses a special sealant to ensure the motor is safeguarded from rain, snow, or other elements Mother Nature throws your way. It also has massive 4.5-inch-wide wheels - perfect for uphill treks and riding across virtually any type of terrain.QuietKat 2018 Ranger 750

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X-Treme Malibu Beach Cruiser

With a single charge, this high-speed bike can travel up to twenty miles at a pace of 20 MPH. At only 50lbs, this lightweight electric bike comes with disc brakes, which gives the rider the ability to shop quickly, if necessary. 

Got a flat? Sigh. Luckily, the Xtreme Malibu is built with a quick-release hub system, allowing the inner tube to be removed quickly and efficiently. 


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Backou 2019 Mule Mountain Bike

As agile as some of the wild animals your bikers may be pursuing, the Mule was engineered with superior performance and power of the Bafang ULTRA mid-drive motor. The dual-speed sensors and game-changing torque will record data like pedal rotation and vehicle speed. 

Designed with precision, this bike provides the rider with optimal control while achieving maximum efficiency.  

BackCou 2019 MULE Mountain Electric Bike

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E-Joe Koda Sports Class Commuter Bike

Stocked with features typically seen with high-end e-bikes, the E-Joe Koda Sports Class furnishes the rider with the best in class performance, all without breaking the bank (its price point is under $2,000). 

Combining an 8-speed transmission, innovative technology, and a 500-watt geared rear hub motor, this bike brings you riding at its finest. Stylish and built to emulate the performance of sports models, the Koda is truly an all-terrain, all-purpose e-bike.  

e-JOE KODA Sports Class Commuter Electric Bike

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E-Joe Epik Swan Step-Through Folding Bike

For those who live in small apartments or actively commute on their bike, the folding Epik provides simple storage and easy use. The latest version, just released this year, dons magnesium alloy wheels, a powerful Bafang motor, integrated lights, wider tires, and more, for an optimal riding experience.  

e-JOE EPIK Swan Step-Through Folding Electric Bike

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Once Halloween passes, the holidays seem to just sneak up on us without warning. The holidays can be hectic, so start your shopping early to avoid the stress (and the swarm of people). An e-bike is a great gift for all types of people

Whether your loved one is a hunter, bike enthusiast, commuter, camper, or just keen on getting fit in the New Year, the e-bike is a gift that will be treasured by all.

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