The Best E-Bikes to Take on Your Next Hunting Trip

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Are you an avid hunter and love being out in the wild? Thought so! You most likely have an ATV or hunt on trails that are easily accessible by car. However, you may want to consider purchasing an electric hunting bike for your next hunting trip. An e-bike can fully enhance your next excursion. 

Let’s look at the benefits an e-bike can provide and the best models for you to consider. By the end of this article, we know you’ll be clicking add to cart.


Why E-Bikes Are Better Than Other Forms of Transportation

Sure, you love your ATV. They’re fun to drive, and they have the power to get you over rough terrain quickly. However, in many instances, an e-bike is a better option. 

Here’s why: 

You’re More Stealthy With an E-Bike

When you’re hunting, being silent and undetectable is key to success. Also, getting to the perfect spot to hunt game is a challenge. So, when moving to the next spot, it’s best to do so as quietly as you can.

With an ATV, it’s not possible to be stealthy because of the noise they make. Sure, you can walk to your destination, but that’s impractical if you have a lot of gear to schlepp from one place to another. 


An ATV is perfect for the job, you’ll scare off any animals you intend to hunt along the way. That’s where the e-bike comes in.

E-bikes are quiet, and you can travel to your destination almost silently, which is a big advantage for any hunter. Many people say their e-bikes make even less noise then walking.


Game Recovery Is Easier

Let’s say you’ve bagged that perfect deer. The next chore is getting it out of the forest and back to your vehicle. 

Dragging a heavy animal carcass through the woods is tiresome and can take a long time over rough terrain. Carrying a heavy animal by hand also puts you at risk for injuries like pulling a muscle or throwing out your back. Who wants that? 

Rather than lugging a heavy dead animal through the woods, an e-bike is an ideal choice to assist you. Many e-bikes allow the hookup of a cargo trailer that makes the transporting game easy. 

And, if you have an unusually heavy animal that would take several people to drag out of the woods, the e-bike allows you to do the job by yourself.

 best ebikes for hunting

Makes Carrying Equipment Easy

Most hunters carry a large variety of equipment, some of which can be heavy. If you’re way out in a remote part of the woods or are spending the night, you’ll have to bring plenty of supplies like food, shelter, and hunting equipment to keep you going. 

Carrying all of that equipment on your back can wear you out more quickly and make you less sharp when hunting. Being less sharp may mean letting the “big one” get away. And that’s not why you came out here.

Some e-bike models can carry up to 300 pounds, which should be more than enough load capacity to carry everything you need on your trip. Additionally, some e-bikes allow you to attach saddlebags to give you even more storage space when you need it.


Does Well With Rough Terrain

Most of the places you hunt are in remote locations with rough terrain. The winding paths, hills, and slopes are difficult to navigate on foot. And the deeper in the woods you go, the more difficult it gets. 


As every good hunter knows, some of the best spots for hunting are the hardest to get to.

If you want the ability to go as deep as you can into the woods and get the chance of bagging the perfect trophy for your wall, think about an e-bike. E-bikes are made to handle rough terrain with ease. 

If you’re still on the fence about an e-bike, ask yourself if it’s worth it to put you in a better spot for the perfect hunt.


Is Accepted in More Places Than an ATV

What? No way! Yep, it’s true. E-bikes handle all the same conditions that ATVs do, such as sand, snow, rocky paths, flowing water, and hills. But how about the places that are off-limits to ATVs?

Did you know that many hunting areas prohibit the use of ATVs? Now, in most of those places, mountain bikes are perfectly legal. And an e-bike is just a mountain bike with an electric motor. 

Bottom line: If a mountain bike is legal, so is an e-bike.


The Price is Right

The average cost of an ATV is between $6,000 and $10,000, and that’s not factoring in the fuel, the insurance, and maintenance cost. The truth is that ATVs are very expensive. However, when you buy an e-bike, that’s all you need. 

The price of recharging the battery is much lower than putting gas in your ATV’s tank. And, you can usually get select financing options when you buy an e-bike, which makes them even more attractive to purchase.


What Are The Best Electric Hunting Bikes?

Now that you’ve seen the benefits that electric hunting bikes have over ATVs let’s look at some of the top models.

QuietKat 750 Ranger 

Th QuietKat Ranger 750 bike is ideal if you want power and silence. It has a 750w rear hub motor that powers you along at 19MPH unassisted and even quicker by pedaling. The mid-drive system is sealed for an extra quiet ride and to protect it from moisture, making it perfect for hunting conditions. Hands down, this is one of the best hunting e-bikes you’ll find on the market.


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E-Mojo 1000W Prowler

This bike excels above its competition by giving you a range of up to 30 miles, which is about ten more than most other models. Ideal for hunting, this bike has a load capacity of up to 330 pounds to easily help you carry your hunting equipment with ease. This brand is one of the most popular electric fat tire bike manufactures you’ll find out there and for good reason.

EMOJO Prowler Electric Bike

QuietKat 2018 Apex 1000 

Th QuietKat Apex 1000 is rated one of the top e-bikes for hunters because it carries a lot of equipment easily. With an unassisted speed of up to 25MPH, it’s one of the fastest too. This bike comes with a digital displaying making it easy to keep up with your battery life so you don’t run out of battery while you’re deep in the wilderness. 

Quietkat Apex 1000 FatKat Fat Tire Electric Bike

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CIVI BIKES 500W Predator

What sets this one apart is the 4-inch wide tires, which makes it incredibly stable and perfect for those narrow trails. The front suspension helps make those bumpier parts of the ride more comfortable for you. Disc brakes give you plenty of stopping power, and the 500W motor provides you with up to 30 miles of drive time or more if you don’t mind pedaling. The motor has enough torque to power you up even the steepest of hills so no matter the terrain you can hunt. 

Quietkat Apex 1000 FatKat Fat Tire Electric Bike

As you can see, e-bikes aren’t just for city folks who want to save a few bucks on parking or those who are eco-conscious. These bikes are the perfect choice for your hunting trips, so why not find a retailer and check one out today. We know you won’t regret it! 



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