Do You Have a Need for Speed? Check Out The 5 Fastest E-Bikes on the Market

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This truly is the age of information. The increased level of information has allowed for some pretty interesting innovations across different industries; from wearable devices that measure how much we exercise, to smart home devices that can give instructions to another device to clean our homes before we bring our lovely dates home.

This information has also enabled another important industry to come up with different solutions. This is the electric bicycle industry

In fact, e-bikes are so diverse, they fit people with different needs, and no two bikes are the same.

It is possible to get e-bikes that enable you to go further off the beaten track and they’ll haul you back when you’re dead tired because of the large battery capacities.

On the other hand, even for commuters who would like to tear up the road, there are bikes specifically made to reach the sweet spot with speed.

And they’ll probably get you to work on time after a fun-filled night out.

fasted ebikes

How Fast Can an Electric Bike Go?

This is a common question among enthusiasts of e-bikes as well as those looking into them as an upgrade from their manual bikes for the first time. 

The general information readily available is that they can go pretty fast. A simple google search will give results of some bikes reaching up to 56 miles per hour.

Well, that may be true, but in general, that is not actually the case. According to Federal regulations, e-bikes are limited to 750 watts (slightly above one horsepower) and can only reach speeds of 20 miles per hour when assisted by the motor.

Do bear in mind:

That it is possible to go faster than this, such as when going downhill. However, higher speeds will be unaided by the motor. It is possible for electric bikes to actually go faster than 20 miles per hour, but these speeds are meant for off-road use only.  

The regulations also stipulate that when these regulations are met, e-bikes users can use bike-specific amenities such as bike lanes and bike pits. 

If you do attempt to go faster than the set speed, you will be in contravention of the law. 

Many may not be aware but e-bikes are still subject to laws enforced by the Department of Transport and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The Five Fastest E-Bikes on Offer

The ECOTRIC Fat Tire

The Fat Tire is an apt representation of what this bike actually is; a proper freedom bicycle

Most bikes used by commuters are limited to using a set of road tires. This is mostly for comfort on the tarmac, and to prevent freak sores and injuries to the seating area. 

This has a downside though:

E-bikers are, in some cases, limited to enjoying the breeze on road. It may not always be the best option, especially if you’re riding behind a diesel-powered vehicle.

The four-inch-wide anti-skid tires give the intrepid e-bikes another option; the opportunity to ride through the nature trails and parks without having to resort to changing tires for that specific trip. 

They afford the rider a measure of spontaneity. This is the true freedom of riding, getting off the beaten, well, paved path to go get fresh air from the forests and grasslands.

Aside from the tires, this electric bike is practical in other areas as well. It is driven by a 500w hub motor, which allows is to hit speeds of up to 23 mph. This motor is capable of taking you up steep inclines, and you don’t even have to break a sweat to assist the motor take you up the hill.

This bike was truly designed with convenience as the main driver. On those days when you’re feeling lethargic and just want to be taken to your destination without much effort, the 36v/12Ah battery will take you 19 miles from your starting point to your destination, purely on battery power. 

And when you arrive, you can use the key provided to unlock the battery and remove it from the bike’s frame and go charge it in your house, office or wherever you are headed.


The Warrior by QuietKat 

For the camper, hunter or outdoor enthusiast, whether seasoned or just getting started, here is an e-bike that was specifically made with your favorite hobby in mind. 

The Quietkat Warrior is utilitarian and gives the rider several options should they choose to exercise them.

The bike comes equipped with a 1000-watt (1.36 hp) motor that can push the rider up to 25 miles per hour unassisted. It is equipped with a mid-drive motor. 

This makes it excellent for the hunters whose main concern is noise as they quietly stalk their prey. The motor positioning also makes it ideal for climbing steep inclines such as hills and cliff faces.

The 19-inch frameworks in tandem with the 26 inches by 4-inch tires to give the bike a carrying capacity of up to 300 pounds. As if that wasn’t enough, they went ahead and added a towing capability of a further 100 pounds. 

This is more than enough to haul your gear, or your kill, from deep in the woods to the comfort of your home or campsite.

After a long day of fun activities, riding in the wilderness, or taking part in a local competition, you can let the battery, rated at 48 volts, haul you 18 miles to your abode, with your gear and trophies in tow.


AddMotor Fat Tire 1000w

This e-bike is also known as the AddMotor Motan. The Addmotor Motan M-5500 is another model that is built for the outdoors enthusiast

This one is more specific to those who like to go out into the wild for long stretches of time. The 26 inches by 4 inches wide tires make for a comfortable ride into the wilderness and gives it the ability to take on any form of terrain, be it snow, mud, rocks and even sand.

This e-bike is equipped with a mid-drive motor that allows for stealthy stalking of that lovely deer you are fixated on adding to your collection. It is also equipped with a set of 7-speed gears from the venerable bike manufacturer, Shimano. 

The motor can push the bike to 30 miles per hour unassisted. Talk about getting to your vantage point in a flash.

Aside from getting you to your preferred spot quickly and silently, this battery gives you great range. After a long day of fun in the woods, you can get from 55 to 65 miles of range from one battery charge by using level one assisted pedaling. 

The only downside is that this 48 volt/17.5Ah battery will take quite some time to recharge.


Mule by BAKCOU

A mule is the ultimate beast of burden. Often described as being able to outlive a horse, and is more intelligent than a donkey, these characteristics make this a suitable animal in any situation where a donkey or horse are inadequate.

And the same can be said about the Mule e-bike by Bakcou

It comes in two different varieties: 750- watt motor and 1000W motor. The standard 750-watt motor mounted mid-drive is capable of reaching 20 miles per hour unassisted. While the 1000w motor model is capable of reaching 28 miles per hour unassisted.

These electric bikes are equipped with a 48 volt/14.5Ah battery made from Samsung cells. This gives it excellent power discharge characteristics and allows an impressive range of up to 40 miles on a single charge. 

The bikes are equipped with two modes, Eco and Sport, which can play a big role in how much battery you conserve while you’re out enjoying what mother nature has bestowed upon you.

As a bike built specifically to aid hunters in their hobbies, it comes with a Teflon protector around the tires to prevent punctures while out in the middle of nowhere.

When you’re tired of pedaling your prize back home, this bike draws on the characteristics of the “beast” that it was named after. 

Both models come with a walk mode. What this does is set the speed to 2.5 miles per hour, allowing you to walk alongside the bike while it does all the heavy lifting. Sounds too good to be true right? 


The Ranger, By QuietKat

Not everyone:

Has a healthy bank balance. Student loans, schooling, medical bills among other commitments may be taking a large portion of your paycheck away from you each month. 

This puts many of these models out of reach unless you’re interested in signing up for financing options, which most e-bike retailers offer. 

This doesn’t mean there aren’t any affordable models around. The Ranger is one of those affordable, but quality e-bike models.

This bike employs a hub-drive motor, which makes it suitable for plains, gentle inclines and moderate riding up hills. The type of motor is one of the reasons why this bike is more affordable than the previously mentioned bikes.

The ranger is capable of reaching speeds of up to 19 miles per hour. When you come across a lovely plain, you can cruise across it for 20 miles, unassisted, by the battery. The range doubles when you give it some little assistance.

Bicycles have always been a way to lead a healthy lifestyle. The adventures that can be experienced on a bicycle can only be matched by a few. Now add the variety of drive motors and batteries, it allows you to enjoy your outdoor trips for longer while guaranteeing you a relaxed ride home after you’ve burnt out from exploration.

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